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How Hacktivism Affects Us All

Caught up in protests, young social activists are committing online crime.

A Hidden Security Threat: Beware the Office Multifunction Printer

You may not think of a printer as being a major security threat, but researchers have found easy methods that hackers can use to gain access to your data.

Protect Your Online Privacy (Without Reading All the Fine Print)

Before signing up for a new social network service or downloading that new application on your phone, read these privacy suggestions first.

How to Mine Customer Data the Right Way

Data mining can help you unearth hidden information about what your customers want–but you should avoid becoming a pariah or being singled out by the media for privacy violations. Here are the right methods to build a loyal customer following.

Battle of the Security Superpowers

We tested the 10 top security packages to see which ones can protect your data without overburdening your PC. Here are the exclusive rankings from the PCWorld Labs.

Security Software: Testing in the Real Wild World

Our tests of security software now includes real-world malware blocking.

Keep Your Credit Cards Safe From Skimmers

Credit card skimming is a major threat to credit and debit card users. Here’s what you need to know about this increasingly common form of financial fraud.

What Your Digital Photos Reveal About You

The geotagging data contained in many mobile phone images lets strangers know exactly where you are.

Bank Lost Your Account Data? Here’s What to Do

You trusted a company with your information and they lost it to a hacker. Here’s how to protect yourself from identity theft.

Cross-Site Scripting: An Old Problem Returns

When two Websites work together, it can cause security issues for you. Find out how to guard against this persistent threat.

Bugnets Could Spy on You via Mobile Devices

New botnets designed for mobile gear may allow remote attackers to see and hear their potential victims, no matter where

they are.

Maximum Security: 2010 Internet Security Suites

Think all security suites are the same? Not even close. Our comprehensive tests show you which of today’s suites to trust, and which to skip.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite: Cheap but Lackluster

Eset Smart Security 4: A Pricey, Mostly Basic Suite

F-Secure Internet Security 2010: Not a Standout Suite

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